LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — The real estate industry is about to go aerial.

Real estate companies are beginning to use Unmanned Aircraft Systems, better known as drones, to give potential home-buyers bird’s-eye views of properties with a quick fly-by.

Right now, drones are being used primarily for high-end properties, where acres of land and outdoor amenities such as tennis and basketball courts or a pool can be accentuated to a potential buyer.

“You really have to have a spectacular property,” says Marc Infeld of Coldwell Banker.

But Infeld says he expects the use of drones in the real estate industry to increase as the technology improves and more agents are trained to use it.

“It will definitely become more integrated into real estate” as drone technology continues to evolve, Infeld says.

Still, there could be potential legal issues.

“I think there are some gray area as far as copyright laws,” says Infeld, explaining that people own the rights to all images of their private property.

Also, the use of unmanned aerial systems for commercial purposes is banned by the FAA — although rarely enforced.

“We have to prioritize our safety resources for the area of greatest risk,” Les Dorr, a spokesman for the FAA, told SFGate.

WNEW’s John Domen contributed to this report. 

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