2016... Another Seismic Year for Drones

Drones Are Impacting All Areas of Business

As we enter 2016, it's critical to understand that the many changes that have taken place (or are about to) are actually good for the professional drone operator.  For too long now, the news (both traditional and thru social media) has been dominated and skewed by those drone pilots who have acted as drunken sailors on weekend leave... that is, in a reckless, inconsiderate and lawless manner.

The FAA has finally taken a big, first step in handing down registration guidelines for drone operators.  Given that an estimated 600,000 new drones entered the airspace this holiday season, the FAA had to "do something" to start the process of governmental oversight.  We all know that government rarely (if ever) moves at the same pace as innovation, but I applaud the fact that FAA finally took a first step to get registrations in place.  Additionally, DJI recently announced an upgrade to their firmware for all of their craft that will provide geofencing that eliminates the the guesswork about 'can I fly here or not".

As one of the few holders in the Chicago area of a commercial 333 exemption from the FAA, the team here at Elevated Exposures has always operated under the common sense guidelines that will protect property, civil rights, and also deliver captivating results to our clients... be it in real estate, construction, tourism or some other avenue.

I for one am thrilled about the prospects for drones in 2016, and I look forward to continued dialogue with all of those in the industry that are engaged in the healthy and responsible growth of our sector.

Doug BensonComment