Elevated Exposures - The North Shore's Only 333 Exemption Holder

Because the media, marketing and advertising space is getting overwhelmed by individuals and companies that are talking about what they can do with a drone, we wanted to "clear the air", as it were, about what's happening relative to commercial UAS/UAV operation on the North Shore in Chicagoland.

Elevated Exposures, LLC is the ONLY FAA certified company on the North Shore for providing commercial video and photographic services.

Read the above sentence again... because while there are many operators out there that will be trying to solicit work from you, the fact is, they are not operating within Federal law.

The team (and equipment) at Elevated Exposures have received full certification for doing commercial work for advertising, marketing, real estate, construction, cinematography and editing services for any aerial projects. Contact us today to learn how we can cost effectively contribute to your bottom line!

Doug BensonComment