The Use of Drones for Commercial Real Estate Listings

Learn Why Commercial Brokers are Turning to Drones for Their Real Estate Marketing

Aerial photography and video gives real estate agents a chance to showcase their commercial listings in a unique and powerful way. Through the use of a drone, a seller can showcase the property at unique angles, as well as clearly define the boundaries of the property and establish context to its surroundings.

The use of drones for aerial imagery has become the newest marketing technique used in commercial real estate due to its affordability and flexibility. The development of drones has brought to the geospatial world a remarkable revolution, changing the way aerial photography is done by introducing innovative techniques for capturing an image.

As commercial drone operators continue to expand their skills and technological product lines, their value to the real estate market increases even further.  Real estate agents are adopting the use of drones for aerial imagery to promote their business and commercial land sales more than ever. 

Benefits of Drones for Commercial Real Estate

Drone aerial photography and video is the latest standard for top real estate companies. From stunning aerial scenes to 360⁰ outdoor tours, using drones can place your commercial real estate ahead of your competitors in the corporate market.

Drones Provide a Bird Eye’s View

Drone technology has the capability to offer unparalleled, high-resolution aerial photos and videos for your real estate. Birds-eye views offer complete analysis of the whole property that cannot be accomplished by classic terrestrial videography. With decreasing prices and increasing ease of use, drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are becoming a popular and reliable option for use in commercial real estate.

Aerial Footage Using Drones Showcase the Entire Commercial Property

For real estate agents, using a drone for aerial photography services offers many benefits:

  • Property maps, guides, surveys and detailed visual overviews.
  • Capturing high elevation images with map style view to showcase the entire property.
  • Medium altitude shots that capture all angles of the building, its design elements and layout.
  • Low elevation shots that give an innovative and marginally elevated view of the building which classic photography cannot provide.
  • An extraordinary view of not just the commercial real estate listing, but also its surrounding environment, including the property’s vicinity to various amenities.

Drones Provide Affordable Aerial Photography

In addition to the above-stated advantages, drones can remarkably cut the cost of shooting aerial imagery — reasonable packages start at just a couple hundred dollars. This enables you to hire a drone for aerial footage for numerous advertising purposes, all the while maximizing your marketing budget.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, drones have the outstanding potential to capture footage with a wonderful view of any commercial property, be it one comprising a vast amount of land, or a tight, urban location. It enhances the ability of a real estate agent or broker to showcase the unique features of the property listing in a different and creative way that translates into interest and buyer action!

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