Drones & Tourism

Drones are being used to both promote tourism and to take you virtually to locales

Traveling to see famous sights can be expensive, but soon you may be able to check out attractions without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 'Drone tourism' is set to become the travel technology of the future thanks to the endeavors of creative drone cinematographers that realize the benefit of sharing some of the world's coolest spots via drone videos, being made available online and through subscription.

Whether you are planning a trip to some part of the world, or simply would like to live vicariously through the professional lens of traveling videographers, drones are regularly capturing some of the coolest footage on earth, thanks to hard working and creative pilots that are pursuing their passion for the craft.

Aerial artists are doing everything from cityscapes to remote locations and providing incredible footage that excites the imagination and stokes the traveler gene in all of us! DJI,  the global leader in drone technology platforms, has recetnly started a "Film School" that is helping train the leading edge pilots who will be the vanguard of this tourism revolution.


Doug BensonComment