As corny as this may sound, a new year can really be the start of a brand new you (or a fresh, new look for your brand!). Nothing feels as fresh as starting the new year with a new attitude. That being said, as we embark headlong into 2018, we wanted to take the time to encourage our clients and associates to enter the new year with an open mind when it comes to their visual content creation.

The new year is not only a time for personal resolutions, but also for professional ones. One of the most important aspects to focus on is how you can attract new customers and keep your existing ones loyal to your brand. This is best achieved by a solid visual content strategy, which means that NOW is the perfect time to consider ways to improve those efforts.


It’s always a great exercise at the start of a new year to give thoughtful examination to the business year that just finished, and to assess how to improve and what directional changes (if any) to make. Here are some questions to ask yourself about the year we just ended:

  • Which social media platforms and/or websites brought the most visitors to your site?
  • Did we make sure that our website is optimized for mobile so as to not lose rankings in Google?
  • What content received the most consumer interactions? Was it text, image or video?
  • Do you have a plan to deliver visual content to your audience on a regular basis?

Finding out answers to these questions will allow you to decide on a course of action for 2018 so you can maximize efforts to work on the visual content strategies that will be the most fruitful. At, we have helped clients solve challenges ranging from branding and packaging to visual content marketing.


We are bombarded by content from so many different online and offline platforms these days, that customers have a hard time recalling the individual messages that they see from various companies. The brands that have been able to cut through the clutter are the ones that are able to regularly tell a single story, thereby creating a consistent brand image.

This is not a simple effort to undertake, and it requires reviewing your website content, social media posts, advertising, press releases, packaging and other visual content to make sure there is a consistent “image” being portrayed, and that all are relaying the same message.


An effort like reworking your visual content strategy is never a simple undertaking. But with some planning, collaboration among your team, and a truly honest assessment of past successes and failures, you can elevate your brand even higher and develop paths to increased sales and revenue.

Doug BensonComment