Our Services


Over 1,000 Missions Completed So Far!

We founded Elevated Exposures, LLC, in 2014 with the initial purpose of providing UAV (or “drone”) imagery services to the Chicago area residential real estate market. As we gained experience and referrals, we realized that there was a strong demand for our services.

After a lengthy and rigorous certification process, in 2015 we became an FAA-certified commercial operation and expanded into the commercial real estate and construction and advertising industries.

Whether it's for corporate video, an event or sporting venue, a resort, or a real estate property tour, we have the tools and expertise to complement your overall production with captivating aerial footage.

We use the very latest UAS/UAV aerial video and photography technology for capturing incredibly smooth, crystal clear aerials. The footage you see in our gallery speaks for itself.

Additionally, we continue to provide services to all aspects of the real estate industry, plus we've shot imagery for regional and national tourism, public lands & reality TV shows across a wide range of locales in the region.

We operate a fleet of DJI equipment, striving to bring the most cost-effective aerial imagery system to our clients, in addition to a variety of interior video and photo services.

We currently service a diverse roster of clients across the disciplines of real estate, construction, engineering, advertising, promotion and inspection in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Pennsylvania.



Our Fleet


We have provided thousands of images to clients of all types, and our work has helped to move over $20 million in real estate properties in the last 3 years. We can capture amazing imagery, and then do special touches in post production tp  provide clients with exactly what they are looking for in their marketing materials.


We shoot in cinema quality, 4K UHD video and can provide exceptional editing and post production services to deliver a captivating final product that can be reformatted and used across the web as well as in broadcast applications. 

We Also Soar Indoors!

Drone video production is often associated with outdoor use. However, we are finding that using a drone indoors is proving to be a marked advantage for capturing never before possible shots and perspectives. For large indoor spaces, factory floors, plant tours, or even tracking shots of actors through a space, the aerial perspective allows for very smooth shots and camera paths never before imaginable. See our sample reel here.

Other Marketing Services

We have a trained team of marketing specialists that can also produce your website, print collateral and brand identity so that your project is presented with a cohesive image and the right branding. To learn more about these services of our sister company, click here.


The DJI Inspire 1 Pro series is one of the top professional aerial filmmaking platforms in the world. It combine DJI’s unparalleled leadership in aerial technology with world-class M4/3 imaging capabilities. Whether you need professional commercial photography or a film-quality, cinematic video, the Inspire 1 Pro and Elevated Expsosures are ready to take your work to new heights.